Judges for Happiness Photo Contest 2013

Judges for Happiness Photo Contest 2013

Profiles of judges for Happiness Photo Contest 2013


Malcolm McLeod

Deputy Photo Editor, The Straits Time Photo Desk

Malcolm accidentally arrived in Singapore some 20 years ago from Sydney, Australia. Given the opprtunity to pursue his passion in photojournalism, he has never looked back since.

Malcolm first visited Bhutan in July 2012 and wrote passionately about his experience in Mystical and Magical: A trip through Bhutan.

Lester V. Ledesma


Lester has written and photographed Asia for over a decade, his work appearing in publications like Hemispheres (USA), Colors Benetton (Italy), Asian Geographic (Singapore), and Cebu Smile (Philippines). He is the 2007 and 2009 PATA Gold Awardee for Travel Photography, the 2005 ATTA Silver Medalist for Travel Photography, and the 2002 ASEANTA Awardee for Excellence in Travel Photography. This veteran photojournalist shoots the region with the familiarity of home, and connects with his subjects on a deeply personal level.

Lester visited Bhutan thrice over a span of 12 months since his first encounter in July 2012.
He has written about Bhutan with various publications.

CNNgo - 5 reasons Bhutan is worth the US$250 daily fee
TimeOut - Bhutan: A worthwhile destination

Check out his website at Sky Light Images and Lester's PhotoTreks to Bhutan!

Yeong Wee Tan

PhotoKIDZ Founder

Wee Tan founded PhotoKIDZ as a volunteer-based donated-cameras community program. PhotoKIDZ helps the children develop creativity and self-esteem thru her modular and fun curriculum which encourages free expression and stimulate learning. 

Cameras for PhotoKIDZ are collected from individual or corporate donors. Volunteers clean up, repair, ready the donated cameras for the program and then travel overseas to conduct PhotoKIDZ program on-site.
Wee Tan first discovered Bhutan in 2011 and has travelled to Bhutan more than 10 times and conducted PhotoKIDZ program at various towns in and around Thimphu. 
Check out PhotoKIDZ at their website and help out with their cause.