Happiness Photo Contest 2013

Happiness Photo Contest 2013

Happiness Photo Contest 2013


Why photographs?

Even though frozen in time, a single picture can evoke as much emotions as that which comes from music. There is always more than meets the eye in any photograph: the untold stories and the unspoken feelings. Our imagination will always soar farther than our eyes can ever focus. Most importantly, while we can never alter the past, nor control the future, we can change someone else's present, simply by touching his/her heart with our smiles.

Awards and Prizes

There shall be 2 winners announced in this competition. Each shall be awarded a pair of SIN_PBH-SIN tickets and an all expenses paid 3-night stay in Bhutan.

Entry Guidelines

How to Enter:
Simply take a photo, of your definition of happiness, and upload it to Happiness.Travel with an accompanying brief description.

Anyone with a little of happiness to share!

*Please read complete Contest Terms & Conditions here.

Submission Guidelines

Entry Period:
All entries must be submitted by 31st August. Winners shall be notified on 15th September.

You may upload more than a single entry


How to Enter:
Our panel of judges shall decide based on the following,
1. Your definition of "Happiness"
How closely harmonious does your photograph reflect in with the theme on "Happiness" ?

2. Your brief description
What kind of emotion or reflection do your words bring out in a nutshell?

3. Creativity
The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera. How imaginative and original are you with a picture?

4. Virality
The number of votes you get for your photo will constitute up to 25% of the overall score.
Remember to get y our friends to vote for you.