Transit Tips

Transit Tips

There are not many better places for a layover. Here are some tips for you to get the most out of your short stay at Changi Airport.

Making Your Own Flight Connections and Transfers

To make your own flight connections on different airlines without checked-through luggage facilitation, please proceed to clear Arrival Immigration, collect your baggage (if any) and clear Customs before checking-in at the respective terminal for your next connecting flight again. Passengers are reminded to ensure that they have the necessary valid travel documents (passport, Visa etc) to clear Arrival Immigration into Singapore. You may visit the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority for more information on entry requirements into Singapore.

For passengers who 1) have a flight connection in another terminal different from the terminal which you have arrived at and 2) whose bags have been checked through to their final destinations, you need not worry about visa requirements. The air side (transit) area of Terminal 1, 2 and 3 are inter-connected so you can move freely within the three terminals without having to clear immigration.


Moving Between Terminals

Moving Between Terminals

Save time rushing between terminals by using our friendly inter-terminal transport services! The Skytrain comes regularly at 1-3 minute intervals, serving all terminals in Changi Airport, and takes between 1-4 minutes to travel between your destinations. You can also download the airport map to from the Changi Airport Website here so that finding your way around the airport will be a breeze!


Travel Visa

Requirement for Entry into Singapore If you are traveling to Singapore, you must have a passport with a minimum validity of six months, an onward/return ticket and enough money for you to enjoy your stay here! Most visitors do not require a visa before arriving in Singapore, as you can obtain a 30-day social visit pass upon your arrival at the airport, however some citizens must apply for a visa in advanced. Hence, do check the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority website for more information.


Getting to Downtown Singapore

Getting down to Singapore

If you have some time to spare before your next flight and wish to check out Singapore, you don’t have to worry about transportation. Changi Airport offers a variety of transport options such as free shuttle service, metro (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit), car rental, taxi and public buses to all over the island! From as low as USD 1.50, you can get into downtown comfortably and quickly. Click on the link above for a more comprehensive list of available services.



Transiting at Changi Airport has never been more fun!

Fret not if you have some time to spend before your next connecting flight! With the wide array of activities that Changi Airport has to offer, you’ll be able to satisfy all your needs and wants to make your transfer experience a fulfilling and unforgettable one. Spend your transit time taking a stroll at the Butterfly Garden the first of its kind in an airport, picking out local souvenirs to remind you of your stay here, or getting a quick shut eye at our napping facilities. We’ve done the breakdown for you so just click on the link above for more ideas!



Free Singapore

Tour If you have a transit time of more than 5 hours, join the Free Singapore Tour to enjoy a quick tour of the city! The 2 hour guided-tour runs daily with two departure points at Terminal 2 and 3. Don’t forget to sign up for your tour early and experience the bustling, and vibrant culture that the city has to offer!

Click here to read more about the Free Singapore Tour.


Local Souvenirs

A keepsake from your trip to Singapore!

Not sure what keepsakes to bring home that best represent the culture and essence of the Singapore? Treat your friends and family to local delights such as the sweet yet savory Kueh Lapis from Bengawan Solo, a favourite for tea time cakes, or the barbequed meat from Bee Cheng Hiang, locally known as Bak Kwa, or perhaps something more lasting such as a beautiful motif in the shape of the Singapore national flower, the Orchid.

Prices at Changi airport are guaranteed to be no higher than shops in popular downtown areas such as Orchard Road, Bugis or Raffles City. If an item at Changi Airport is found to be more expensive than the same product at any of the comparable outlets, upon showing receipt/advertisement of the lower-priced item, customers get 2x the price difference refunded.


How to survive 24 hours in Changi Airport

What would you do if you had to spend 24 hours in an airport? The wait isn’t too long, or the uncertainty too unknown when you have all the amenities available at Changi Airport to make your 24 hour transit pass by in a breeze! Read this recount by CNNGo’s Eddie Tee, who voluntarily spent a day in Changi Airport trying out the facilities that the airport has to offer.

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Also, did you know that Changi Airport was voted the world’s best sleeping airport? Click on the link here to find out more about that!



All facilities and amenities featured are located in the Transit Area unless specified otherwise.
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